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    2021-05-07 EXBX Bollinger Band Squeeze Range Contraction
    2021-05-07 EXBX Fell Below 50 DMA Bearish
    2021-05-07 EXBX Fell Below 20 DMA Bearish
    2021-05-07 ICTSF Non-ADX 1,2,3,4 Bullish Bullish Swing Setup
    2021-05-07 ICTSF Boomer Sell Setup Bearish Swing Setup
    2021-05-07 ICTSF 20 DMA Support Bullish
    2021-05-07 ICTSF 1,2,3 Retracement Bearish Bearish Swing Setup
    2021-05-07 IWSY 20 DMA Resistance Bearish
    2021-05-07 IWSY Bollinger Band Squeeze Range Contraction
    2021-05-07 OMQS Narrow Range Bar Range Contraction
    2021-05-07 OMQS Calm After Storm Range Contraction
    2021-05-07 VSMR Crossed Above 20 DMA Bullish
    2021-05-07 VSMR Bollinger Band Squeeze Range Contraction

    Computer security software or cybersecurity software is any computer program designed to influence information security. This is often taken in the context of defending computer systems or data, yet can incorporate programs designed specifically for subverting computer systems due to their significant overlap, and the old adage that the best defense is a good offense.
    The defense of computers against intrusion and unauthorized use of resources is called computer security. Similarly, the defense of computer networks is called network security.
    The subversion of computers or their unauthorized use is referred to using the terms cyberwarfare, cybercrime, or security hacking (later shortened to hacking for further references in this article due to issues with hacker, hacker culture and differences in white/grey/black 'hat' color identification).

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