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    Date Stock Signal Type
    2021-05-17 CRARF Shooting Star Candlestick Bearish
    2021-05-17 CRARF Lizard Bearish Bearish Day Trade Setup
    2021-05-17 CRARF Upper Bollinger Band Walk Strength
    2021-05-17 CRARY Crossed Above 20 DMA Bullish
    2021-05-17 CRARY Non-ADX 1,2,3,4 Bullish Bullish Swing Setup

    Crédit Agricole Group (French: [kʁedi aɡʁikɔl]), sometimes called "la banque verte" (English: the green bank) due to its historical ties to farming, is the worlds largest cooperative financial institution. It consists of a network of Crédit Agricole local banks, the 39 Crédit Agricole regional banks and a central institute Crédit Agricole S.A.. In 1990, it became an international full-service banking group. It is listed through Crédit Agricole S.A., an intermediate holding company, on Euronext Paris' first market and is part of the CAC 40 stock market index. Local banks of the group owned the regional banks, in turn the regional banks majority owned the S.A. via a holding company, in turn the S.A. owned part of the subsidiaries of the group, such as LCL, the Italian network and the CIB unit.
    It was the title sponsor of the Crédit Agricole professional road cycling team from 1998 to 2008.

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