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Date Stock Signal Type
2019-12-06 SFTBF Bollinger Band Squeeze Range Contraction
2019-12-06 SFTBY Bollinger Band Squeeze Range Contraction

SOFTBANK TELECOM Corp. Japanese: (ソフトバンクテレコム株式会社), previously as Japan Telecom Co. Ltd. (日本テレコム株式会社, Nippon Terekomu Kabushiki-gaisha), was a Japanese telephone company of the SoftBank group. It provides services to businesses and consumers in Japan. It provides long-distance telephone service, international call service, and direct connection fixed-line voice service. In addition, it engages in the billing and collecting fees for the telephony service; consulting, development and establishment of telecommunication system; and provision of information processing and providing service. On 1 April 2015 Softbank Telecom Corp. merged into Softbank Mobile Corp. and ceased to exist as a separate entity.

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