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    The term upstate may refer to the northerly portions of several U.S. states. On the east coast, upstate generally refers to places away from the Atlantic Ocean. It also can refer to parts of states that have a higher elevation, away from sea level. These regions tend to be rural; an exception being Delaware.

    PlacesMaine, except for "Down East"
    Upstate California, a 2001 marketing campaign to promote the northern half of Northern California
    Upstate New York, an area of New York north of the New York City metropolitan area
    Upstate South Carolina, the northwestern "corner" of South Carolina
    Upstate Pennsylvania, a tourism region that includes much of Northeastern PennsylvaniaOtherSUNY Upstate Medical University, often referred to as "Upstate"
    Upstate University Hospital, Syracuse, New York
    A term used to refer to going to the penitentiary in New York, as all of New York's state prisons are upstate.

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