Exchange Traded Fund Stocks List

Symbol Grade Name
FXBY Foxby Corp
IGEX Indo Global Exchanges Pte Ltd
SVRZF Purpose Silver Bullion Fund
ECVTF Economic Invst TR Ltd
CEW WisdomTree Emerging Currency Strat ETF
CORP PIMCO Investment Grade Corporate Bd ETF
CPI IQ Real Return ETF
EDV Vanguard Extended Duration Trs ETF
FDL First Trust Morningstar Div Leaders ETF
FM iShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETF
FSZ First Trust Switzerland AlphaDEX ETF
FVL First Trust Value Line 100 ETF ETF
GSY Invesco Ultra Short Duration ETF
PDP Invesco DWA Momentum ETF
PFM Invesco Dividend Achievers ETF
PGX Invesco Preferred ETF
PTF Invesco DWA Technology Momentum ETF
PXI Invesco DWA Energy Momentum ETF
REZ iShares Residential Real Estate Capd ETF
RGI Invesco S&P 500 Equal Wt Indls ETF
RTM Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Matrls ETF
RYU Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Utilts ETF
SIL Global X Silver Miners ETF
SMB VanEck Vectors AMT-Free Short Muni ETF
TAN Invesco Solar ETF
TLT iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF
VTI Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF
WIL Barclays Women in Leadership ETN
HYG iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corp Bd ETF
MUB iShares National Muni Bond ETF
PCY Invesco Emerging Markets Sov Debt ETF
PEY Invesco High Yield Eq Div Achiev ETF
PGF Invesco Financial Preferred ETF
FLOT iShares Floating Rate Bond ETF
PID Invesco International Div Achiev ETF
PIN Invesco India ETF
PZA Invesco National AMT-Free Muni Bd ETF
RCD Invesco S&P 500 Equal Wt Cnsm Disc ETF
SYLD Cambria Shareholder Yield ETF
FLLV Liberty US Low Volatility ETF
FLM Global Engineering and Construction ETF FT
FLQD Liberty Global Dividend
FLQE Liberty Emerging Marketfs ETF
FLQG Liberty Global Equity ETF
FLQH Liberty Intl Equity Hedged ETF
FMF Mstar Managed Futures Strategy Fund FT
FNI Chindia ETF FT
FPX US IPO Index First Trust
FRN Frontier Markets Invesco ETF
FVD Value Line Dividend Idx First Trust
FXC Canadian Dollar Trust Currencyshares Invesco
FXE Euro Trust Currencyshares Invesco
GASX Direxion Natural Gas Bear 3X
GBIL GS Treasuryaccess 0-1 Year ETF
GCC Continuous Commodity Index
GCE CEF GS Connect ETN Claymore
GEM GS Activebeta EM Equity ETF
GII FTSE Global Infra 100 SPDR
GLDM SPDR Gold Minishares Trust
GLDW Long Dollar Gold Trust SPDR
GLL Ultrashort Gold Proshares
GLTR Physical Precious Metals Basket
GMAN Goldman Sachs Motif Manufacturing Revolution ETF
GNR S&P Global Natural Resources SPDR
GOEX G-X Gold Explorers ETF
GRES IQ Global Resources ETF
GRNB Green Bond Vaneck ETF
GSEU GS Activebeta Europe Equity ETF
GSIE GS Activebeta International ETF
GSJY GS Activebeta Japan Equity ETF
GSLC GS Activebeta US Largecap ETF
GSP Ipath ETN June 12 2036
GSSC GS Activebeta U.S. Small Cap Equity ETF
GUNR Mstar Global Upstream Natural Resources ETF
GURU G-X Guru Index ETF
GVIP GS Hedge Industry Vip ETF
GXG G-X FTSE Colombia 20 ETF
HDMV Horizon Vol Dev Intl ETF FT
HDV High Dividend Ishares Core ETF
HTRB Hartford Total Return Bond ETF
HUSE US Equity Rotation Strategy ETF
HYDD Direxion High Yield Bear 2X
HYS 0-5 Year HI Yld Corp Bond Idx ETF Pimco
DALI First Trust Dorseywright Dali 1 ETF
DGRS Wisdomtree US Smallcap Quality Dvid Fund
DINT Davis Select International ETF
DLBS Ipath US Treasury Long Bond Bear ETN
DWIN DWA Tactical Multi-Asset Income Invesco ETF
EMB USD Emrg Mkts Bond Ishares JPM ETF
EMIF Emrg Mkts Infrastructure Ishares ETF
EQRR Proshares Trust Proshares Equities For Rising Ra
ESGG Flexshares Global ESG Impact Index
FAAR Alternative Absolute Return Strategy ETF FT
FALN US Fallen Angels Ishares ETF
FINX G-X Fintech Thematic ETF
FTCS Capital Strength ETF FT
FTHI High Income ETF FT
FTLB Low Beta Income ETF FT
IBB Nasdaq Biotechnology Ishares ETF
IBUY Online Retail Amplify ETF
ICLN Global Clean Energy Ishares ETF
IEF 7-10 Year Treas Bond Ishares ETF
IEI 3-7 Year Treas Bond Ishares ETF
IGF Global Infrastructure Ishares ETF
IGOV Intl Treasury Bond Ishares ETF
IJT S&P Small-Cap 600 Growth Ishares ETF
ISHG 1-3 Year Intl Treas Bond Ishares ETF
ISTB 1-5 Year USD Bond Ishares Core ETF
IUSB USD Bond Market Total Ishares Core ETF
KRMA G-X Conscious Companies ETF
LDRI Ladderrite 0-5 Year Corp Bond Invesco ETF
LEGR First Trust Indxx Innovative Transaction & Proce
LPLA Lpl Financial Hld
LVHD Legg Low Vol HI Div ETF
MCEF Municipal CEF Income Opportunity ETF FT
MDIV Multi-Asset Diversified Income Index Fund FT
PFF US Preferred Stock Ishares ETF
PGJ Golden Dragon China Invesco ETF
PIE DWA Emerging Markets Momentum Invesco ETF
PIZ DWA Developed Markets Momentum Invesco ETF
PLW 1-30 Laddered Treasury Invesco ETF
PPH Pharmaceutical Vaneck ETF
PTH DWA Healthcare Momentum Invesco ETF
PSF Cohen & Steers Preferred Fund

Recent Signals

Date Stock Signal Type
2019-11-11 FXBY Cup with Handle Other
2019-11-11 FXBY Narrow Range Bar Range Contraction
2019-11-11 IGEX Pocket Pivot Bullish Swing Setup
2019-11-11 IGEX Bollinger Band Squeeze Range Contraction
2019-11-11 IGEX Volume Surge Other
2019-11-11 IGEX Crossed Above 200 DMA Bullish

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges, much like stocks. An ETF holds assets such as stocks, commodities, or bonds and generally operates with an arbitrage mechanism designed to keep it trading close to its net asset value, although deviations can occasionally occur. Most ETFs track an index, such as a stock index or bond index. ETFs may be attractive as investments because of their low costs, tax efficiency, and stock-like features.ETF distributors only buy or sell ETFs directly from or to authorized participants, which are large broker-dealers with whom they have entered into agreements—and then, only in creation units, which are large blocks of tens of thousands of ETF shares, usually exchanged in-kind with baskets of the underlying securities. Authorized participants may wish to invest in the ETF shares for the long-term, but they usually act as market makers on the open market, using their ability to exchange creation units with their underlying securities to provide liquidity of the ETF shares and help ensure that their intraday market price approximates the net asset value of the underlying assets. Other investors, such as individuals using a retail broker, trade ETF shares on this secondary market.
An ETF combines the valuation feature of a mutual fund or unit investment trust, which can be bought or sold at the end of each trading day for its net asset value, with the tradability feature of a closed-end fund, which trades throughout the trading day at prices that may be more or less than its net asset value. Closed-end funds are not considered to be ETFs, even though they are funds and are traded on an exchange. ETFs have been available in the US since 1993 and in Europe since 1999. ETFs traditionally have been index funds, but in 2008 the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission began to authorize the creation of actively managed ETFs.ETFs offer both tax efficiency as well as lower transaction and management costs. More than US$2 trillion were invested in ETFs in the United States between when they were introduced in 1993 and 2015. By the end of 2015, ETFs offered "1,800 different products, covering almost every conceivable market sector, niche and trading strategy".

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