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Running Your Trading As A Business
3 months ago by Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. @ TraderFeed

I had an interesting situation recently in which a trader wrote to me about a start-up situation.  I interpreted the email as a request for advice regarding starting up a hedge fund or other similar money management vehicle.  I responded that the initial steps were:  1) set up a viable business plan that ...

TRADING COACH PODCAST - Knowing When It's Time To Change Your Trading Style
5 months ago by Akil Stokes @ Trading Coach Podcast

Successful trading is a lot like successful coaching. Although, the plan that you come in with is important, what's more important is how you go about making adjustments. Today's episode takes a look at some adjustments I've made in my trading & the process in which I go through before deciding to do so.  

Logic and Imagination
5 months ago by Howard Lindzon @ Howard Lindzon

Koyfin posted this chart comparing Target and Shopify the other day that was ‘lit’:I took one look at it and commented sarcastically that ‘Investing is so easy‘.Jeff Farley had my favorite comment saying ‘More imagination, less logic‘.Bingo!My friends (and great investors) Alex Bard and Villi Itchev both got me out of my logic box back when Shopify was in the 20’s to see the growth potential of the platform.Continue reading Logic and Imagination at Howard Lindzon.

Island Reversals | Tom Bowley
5 months ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

Tom talks about Island Reversals. According to John Murphy:"An exhaustion gap occurs right at the end of the market move and represents a last gasp in the trend. Sometimes an exhaustion gap is followed within a few days by a breakaway gap in the other direction, leaving several days of price action isolation by two gaps. This market phenomenon is called the island reversal and usually signals an important market turn."

How To Trade Stocks Like A Market Wizard | Bruce Kovner Trading Style
7 months ago by Fallible Financial Entertainment @ Fallible YouTube Channel

Bruce Kovner retired in 2011 from Caxton Associates, the hedge fund he founded and ran for 28 years.Over that time the fund returned an average of 21 percent a year since its inception. In comparison, the SPX averaged just 11%. Kovner had only one losing year (in 94’). Before Caxton, while trading at the famous Commodities Corp, he averaged close to 90% over 10 years. Impressive numbers by any measure.Many traders know of this cab driver turned trading legend from his interview with Jack Schwager in the original Market Wizards — one of the best interviews in the book (and there are many).

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Alerts | Greg Schnell, CMT | Market Buzz
28 minutes ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

Greg demonstrates the settings on Alerts, when to use them, how to send them to your email, how to make them update during the day or at end of day etc. You'll be setting alerts to ease your investment process.

Century Casinos Could Be The Next Eldorado Resorts
28 minutes ago by SA Editor's Picks

One Year Ago: "Is a Recession Coming?"
31 minutes ago by Calculated Risk @ Calculated Risk

This is from one year ago: "Is a Recession Coming?"Recession calling is an annual ritual.

You Can Try This Surprisingly Simple Options Trading Strategy For Monthly Income
about 1 hour ago by smbcapital @ SMB Capital

Option Trading strategies for monthly income do not have to be complicated. In this video we give you the rationale behind a surprisingly easy and powerful options trading strategy that you can implement around earning reports. * no relevant positions The post You Can Try This Surprisingly Simple Options Trading Strategy For Monthly Income appeared first on SMB Training Blog.

Why This Medical IPO With 65% Growth Wants To Read Your Cells
about 2 hours ago by ALLISON GATLIN @ IBD: The New America

10x Genomics stock went public in September. Since then, shares of the genetic-testing company have rocketed more than 65%. Analysts say it still has plenty of room to run in the future. The post Why This Medical IPO With 65% Growth Wants To Read Your Cells appeared first on Investor's Business Daily.

Wall Street Breakfast: Cybertruck Revs Up The EV Revolution
about 3 hours ago by SA Wall St. Breakfast

Video: Why CFTC Data Keeps Us Selling Gold
about 4 hours ago by JC @ All Star Charts

In this Episode of Allstarcharts Weekly, Steve and I talk about why we want to keep selling gold and buy stocks instead. This trade is working and we don’t want to fight it. This has been our base case for months, as you can see here. One of the things that we want to incorporate into […] The post Video: Why CFTC Data Keeps Us Selling Gold appeared first on All Star Charts.

Structured Note Investing
about 5 hours ago by Jeff Carter @ Points and Figures

I met Biju a long time ago. He has an interesting history as a trader and entrepreneur. We chat about that on this podcast. He started a company with his partner Jason, Halo Investing, and we chat about how that …

Providing Opportunity In Healthcare
about 9 hours ago by Tom Bruni @ All Star Charts

From the desk of Tom Bruni @BruniCharting Tuesday’s Mystery Chart had a lot of people talking and guessing (incorrectly, as usual), so thank you all for your feedback and participation. Overall the feedback was the chart was a longer-term buy, but people had concerns about how far it’s run in the near-term. With that as our backdrop, […] The post Providing Opportunity In Healthcare appeared first on All Star Charts.

[Chart(s) of The Week] A Pharmaceuticals Comeback Story
about 11 hours ago by Tom Bruni @ All Star Charts

In September we wrote about the Pharmaceuticals sector and its inability to gain traction due to relentless weakness in many components, particularly its largest component, Sun Pharmaceuticals. Over the last two months the sector is basically flat, but several signs have emerged to suggest that we’re potentially at a major inflection point. With that as […] The post [Chart(s) of The Week] A Pharmaceuticals Comeback Story appeared first on All Star Charts.

TRADING COACH PODCAST 262 - My Broker Blew My Account
about 11 hours ago by Akil Stokes @ Trading Coach Podcast

An interview with a trader who after having his broker blow his account, decided to learn the skill on his own and take control of his trading. Please remember to rate & review this podcast on iTunes & don't forget to join our new TCP Facebook Group for more discussion on this topic. - Also for more free trading tips make sure you check out our Ascension Webinar & Trade To Measure 4-Day Workshop -

Ep. 817: Buster Benson Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio
about 12 hours ago by Trend Following Radio

Have you ever walked away from an argument and suddenly thought of all the brilliant things you wish you’d said? Do you avoid certain family members and colleagues because of bitter, festering tension that you can’t figure out how to address? Now, finally, there’s a solution: a new framework that frees you from the trap of unproductive conflict and pointless arguing forever. If the threat of raised voices, emotional outbursts, and public discord makes you want to hide under the conference room table, you’re not alone. Conflict, or the fear of it, can be exhausting. But as this powerful book argues, conflict doesn’t have to be unpleasant. In fact, properly channeled, conflict can be the most valuable tool we have at our disposal for deepening relationships, solving problems, and coming up with new ideas. As the mastermind behind some of the highest-performing teams at Amazon, Twitter, and Slack, Buster Benson spent decades facilitating hard conversations in st...

"Mortgage Rates Steady Despite Bond Market Weakness"
about 15 hours ago by Calculated Risk @ Calculated Risk

From Matthew Graham at MortgageNewsDaily: Mortgage Rates Steady Despite Bond Market WeaknessMortgage rates spent a 2nd day with the average lender holding relatively steady. This follows a decent winning streak over the previous week and a half with the net effect being at least an eighth of a percent (.125%) improvement on the average conventional 30yr fixed quote.Holding steady was a bit anticlimactic yesterday because the broader bond market (specifically, the benchmark US 10yr Treasury yield) indicated more improvement than we actually saw. That had a lot to do with the underperformance of bonds that specifically underlie mortgages (MBS or "mortgage-backed securities). But whereas MBS lagged Treasuries yesterday, they outperformed today, thus allowing lenders to keep rates unchanged even as 10yr yields moved moderately higher. [Today's Most Prevalent Rates For Top Tier Sce...

The Implications of Low Volatility with Todd Sohn of Strategas (11.21.19)
about 16 hours ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

Todd Sohn, Technical Strategist at Strategas Securities, shares a historical perspective on equity market performance relative to periods of low volatility. He provides a long-term bullish view on global stocks but cautions that the world is testing key resistance.

New Highs in Health Care and Low Vol Environments with Todd Sohn (11.22) | David Keller, CMT
about 16 hours ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

Guest Todd Sohn gives a bullish take on stocks based on a historical analysis of low volatility environments. Host Dave Keller shares a mystery chart of a sector that is potentially off your radar but should be on your watch list!

It’s All About the Volume (11.21.19) | WealthWise Women
about 17 hours ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

Mary Ellen and Erin talked about the importance of volume and how you can use it for entries and exits. They also discussed how price should follow volume! It is important to see what institutions are buying and volume can help you with that!

Oldies But Goodies: What the Rewatch Trend Means for Marketing
about 19 hours ago by Iconoculture Research Team @ Gartner L2

More consumers are choosing to rewatch old TV programs and movies, suggesting a broader cultural embrace of familiar, low-effort content that can influence marketing campaigns.

A New Era of Influencers
about 19 hours ago by Mackenzie Baker @ Gartner L2

Celebrities are teaming up with their favorite charities to raise money on their birthdays.

How to Take a Salon-Worthy Selfie
about 19 hours ago by Mackenzie Baker @ Gartner L2

Sally Beauty’s virtual hair color kiosks highlight the brand’s many hair colors.