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Stocks Making: Lizard Bullish on

Rules (via 'Hit & Run Trading'):
  • Today's open and close must be in the top 25% of the daily range.
  • Today's low must be a 10-day trading low.
  • For the buy: Tomorrow only, buy 10 cents above today's high.
  • Initial stop: 1 point under entry price... Sell the position at the close if not stopped out.
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    Symbol Grade Close % Change Volume Vol Surge
    CCOEY 12.4300 -2.83 2,300 1.05
    SMLR 40.9500 -0.73 9,500 0.86
    SALRY 11.1500 -0.98 500 0.02
    Related Scans: Bullish Daytrade Setup
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