Recent News for CRFTF - Pasha Brands Ltd

Date Title
Nov 26 Pasha Brands Unveils its Revolutionary Digital Platform, Craft Labs™, to Help Connect Micro-Cultivators and Analytical Labs
Nov 21 CEO Jason Longden Announces Pasha Brands Focused on Commercializing Pre-roll Brands
Nov 18 Pasha Brands Supports Federal Petition Requesting a Reassessment of the Medical Cannabis Program and Exemptions for Unlicensed Compassion Clubs and Medical Dispensaries
Nov 12 Pasha Brands: Canada's First Micro-Cultivator Crops Expected Next Month
Oct 29 Pasha Brands Sees Silver Lining Amidst Downturn in Global Cannabis Sector
Oct 9 Pasha Brands Secures Supply Agreement With Fifth Licensed Micro-Cultivator, Greenterra Cannabis
Oct 4 Cannabis M&A: Pasha Brands Acquires Beard Brothers Collective
Oct 4 Pasha Brands Announces Acquisition of Premium Extracts Brand Beard Brothers Collective
Sep 25 Pasha Brands Signs Supply Agreement with Health Canada Licensed Canandia
Sep 19 Pasha Brands Signs Over 100 Micro-Cultivator Supply Contracts
Sep 16 Pasha Brands Pens Supply Agreement with Canada's First Licensed Outdoor Micro Cultivator, Tamara Follett
Sep 13 Pasha Brands Critical of Post-Prohibition Cannabis Enforcement
Sep 12 Pasha Brands makes Historic Submission to the BC Liquor Distribution Branch to Transition Prohibition Era Brands
Sep 10 Pasha Brands Announces Acquisition of Pre-Roll Brand Roll Model
Sep 4 Pasha Brands Acquires Iconic Brand Baked Edibles
Jul 24 Pasha Brands Signs Agreement with Great North Distributors for National Distribution
Jul 22 Pasha Brands Makes Historic Submission to Ontario Cannabis Store

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