Recent News for AFPW - Alumifuel Pwr Corp

Date Title
Nov 7 Update on One Pager Circular posted on Website with news on Budget
Nov 6 Dinatrum announces it has been subscribing Investors
Nov 4 Dinatrum announces projected Revenues on Atlanta’s Project
Oct 23 Dinatrum announces signing of LOI with Seger Realty
Oct 18 Dinatrum Appoints New General Manager for Novofuel
Oct 14 Dinatrum presents a valuation of Real Estate Ownership using Industry Parameters
Oct 8 Dinatrum provides Update
Oct 4 Dinatrum Shareholder’s Update
Sep 27 Dinatrum wrestles competition while pursuing acquisition of valuable Industrial Real Estate
Sep 26 Dinatrum prepares for Definitive Stop Sign Removal
Sep 24 Dinatrum will reduce Float and Authorized Number of Shares
Sep 19 Dinatrum signs Letter Of Intent to invest in Cannabis technology Company and pursue acquisition of valuable Real Estate
Sep 10 Dinatrum would like to mention that Novofuel’s Patent to produce Hydrogen is in Good Standing
Sep 9 Dinatrum Announces Updated Information Circular and New Social Media Awareness Program
Jul 23 Dinatrum Shareholder misrepresentation triggered Sell Off
Jul 2 Dinatrum recognizes Border Security is important
Jul 1 Dinatrum Announces New Website & Social Media Awareness Program
Jun 28 Dinatrum committed to retain the Best Sales & Marketing Team
Jun 26 Dinatrum has appointed a New CEO
Jun 24 Dinatrum Announces Website Update & Information Circular
Jun 20 Dinatrum Provides Update
Jun 20 Dinatrum Announces Non-Brokered Private Placement and Provides Update
Jun 11 Dinatrum Will Sign Formal Contract in the Near Future
Jun 10 Dinatrum Announces That It Has Signed an LOI - A More Formal Agreement Follows
Jun 3 Dinatrum Updates Website with One Pager Circular

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