Even More (Almost) Real-Time Stock Alerts

September 07, 2020

With the extra volatility these days I'm finding myself checking in on my intraday alerts more frequently. They were a great help in finding some of my favorite names (FSLY & TDOC) bouncing off key levels for day trades last Friday. So I've been thinking of more alerts I could have SwingTradeBot generate. Here's the latest batch:

  • Gapped Down (Full)
  • Gapped Down (Partial)
  • Gapped Up (Full)
  • Gapped Up (Partial)
  • Gap Down Closed
  • Gap Down Partially Closed
  • Gap Up Closed
  • Gap Up Partially Closed
  • Reversed from Down
  • Reversed from Up
  • Down 1 ATR
  • Down 2 ATRs
  • Down 10%
  • Up 1 ATR
  • Up 2 ATRs
  • Up 10%
  • Lower Bollinger Band Support
  • Upper Bollinger Band Resistance
  • Possible Pocket Pivot

Here's the entire list of available intraday alerts. (accessible from the "Research / Intraday Alerts" item in the site's navigation menu). And you can access all the watchlist & portfolio alerts you've configured on each list via the "My Stocks / Intraday Alerts" menu item.