Stocks which Triggered: Fell Below 10 DMA Intraday Alert

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Stocks which fell below the 10-day moving average at some point during the trading session.
*** Filtered by your default parameters: Minimum Price: 1.0, Maximum Price: 999999.0, Minimum Volume: 1000
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Stock Grade % Change Processed At
FMCKI C -1.96
ISHPF B -1.30
LTMAQ A -6.12
RYCEY F -3.00
FPWM F -4.38
WTBDY C -2.32
BURBY B -0.20
DEFTF D -6.85
CCU C -7.27
SLGD A -0.68
CURO A -0.60
CYDY F -27.14
BCAUY D -4.12
CRM D -1.19
DE A -0.12
TRYIY C -2.46
CPB A 0.18
NOVRF C -2.16
CXH A -0.30
MBNKF C 0.00

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